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What is it?

The sanitary sewer system is designed for the drainage of domestic waste and the drainage of industrial and hospital waste. The sewer contains toxic residues, chemical residues, fungi, bacteria and microorganisms that must be conducted safely to the treatment station, in order to avoid contamination of the environment and preserve public health.

Features and Benefits of DrenPro Infra® for Sanitary Sewer Systems

The use of corrugated HDPE pipes in sanitary sewerage systems has been en masse in Latin America, mainly due to 4 important factors:

  1. Due to the lower weight and the coupling through the spigot-bell joint system, it is much faster and cheaper to move and install corrugated HDPE pipes;
  2. HDPE pipes have high chemical resistance and do not suffer from corrosion due to the aggressiveness of domestic and industrial sewage waste;
  3. The smooth inner HDPE surface has more hydraulic efficiency and allows projects with lower slopes and shallower installation, further reducing installation costs;
  4. The spike-bell joint system with double sealing ring guarantees the watertightness of the drainage system, preventing damage and subsidence in the paving of streets and avenues.

The SANIPRO® sanitary sewer line complies with the specifications of the NBR ISO 21138-1, NBR ISO 21138-3 and ASTM F2947 standards.

All our products are subjected to rigorous tests and trials in our laboratories, which are continuously audited by external certification companies.

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