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What is it?

The collection, conduction and evacuation of water on roads is extremely important to guarantee the durability of the route and prevent accidents resulting from the accumulation of water on the roads.

Features and Benefits

Tigre-ADS structural corrugated HDPE pipes have the structural strength necessary to withstand soil pressure at great depths and to resist the passage of heavy traffic loads at minimum depths of burial. The mechanical properties of polyethylene guarantee that the pipes have a high resistance to abrasion and can even be used to recover existing evacuation systems.

Tigre-ADS product lines are widely used in highway systems throughout Latin America and meet the requirements of the particular and specific to each region, in addition to complying with the specifications required by the AASHTO manual M252 and M294 and with the regulations of ASTM F2306 product.

High Density Polyethylene Corrugated Pipes are up to 5 times more durable than other solutions, they are also lighter and easier to install.

For this type of application, there is a feasibility of manufacturing pipes with or without perforations, which can be used both to drain, infiltrate, capture, conduct and / or evaluate the collected waters. Check with your local supplier for product feasibility.

Related products

Products feasible for use in this type of application are DrenPro Infra, DrenPro One, HDPE shaped chambers, among others.




DrenPro Infra and DrenPro HD


DrenPro One

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