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What is it?

StormTech® is the professional option to mitigate the effects of the increase in rain runoff caused by the growth of cities, preventing floods, since, due to its high performance, it allows controlling the extraordinary rain flow generated by the waterproofing of watersheds in areas urban.

Features and Benefits

The StormTech® open-bottom corrugated plastic chamber system is the ideal method to control the quality and quantity of stormwater runoff. This underground rainwater detection / retention system allows rainwater infiltration in direct relation to the native soil permeability factor while at the same time cushioning the impact of rainfall by stopping surplus rainfall underground. They are installed under parking lots, avenues or green areas and the system is designed to withstand AASHTO HS25 dynamic loads.

StormTech cameras meet the stringent design requirements of ASTM F2787 and INN NCh3352, as well as ASTM F2418, F2922, and NCh3361 product standards, ensuring both product quality and long-term structural strength.

On the other hand, due to the great challenges that the growth of cities and urbanizations poses today, it is necessary to have exhaustive control of surface runoff caused by rainwater. The LandMax Stormwater Management System provides an ideal solution for durable, efficient and effective retention, infiltration and reuse of groundwater stormwater, similar to what is StormTech.

retention/detention capacity table

Tabla Sistemas de Retencion-Detencion

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