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StormTech® cameras are an essential part of a system for the accumulation of water under a surface. This product is manufactured 100% virgin polypropylene (PP) and according to what is established in the current AASHTO M43, ASTM F2787 and NCh 3352 standards.


Why use StormTech® cameras?

The chambers bring a new level of practicality and efficiency to underground rainwater installations, providing a much more economical solution for stormwater management, since its installation requirements are very common. In addition, the StormTech® chamber system delivers stormwater collectors without solid contamination, since the system can have an isolating row of debris.

StormTech® cameras are neatly stored and stacked for efficient transport and storage, requiring no extra space for these types of maneuvers.

An advantage to consider of StormTech® is that heavy machinery is not needed for its installation, much less the construction of deep trenches to install a drainage system, greatly reducing execution times on site and reducing costs at the end of its implementation.

StormTech® has been completely tested in the field and evaluated by high-level experts in the United States and the world, finding that it satisfactorily meets or exceeds the requirements established by the AASHTO standard for buried thermoplastic structures, obtaining great performance in summer or summer days. in winter.

What difference does this type of system (chambers) have to systems developed with steel pipes or that need thermofusion or electrofusion?

Stormtech® provides unsurpassed engineering value to any other underground detention system, especially Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) from 1500 to 1800mm. Cost savings and longer life expectancies are not the only benefits when implementing StormTech® camera systems. The camera systems are assembled manually, obtaining an installation speed benefit of between 30% and 50%. Example: A StormTech® model SC-740 camera system with 300 units is installed in less than 2 days. That equates to the daily installation of 380 meters of 1500mm diameter pipe from Tigre-ADS!


  • Installation: StormTech © chambers require an excavated area, crushed stone, Tigre-ADS pipes for their connections (manifold), filter cloth such as woven geotextile and / or high-density polyethylene geomembranes, depending on the needs of the system to be installed. The system can have (optional) an inspection port in the chamber (s) that are wrapped by a geotextile. This port facilitates the penetration of a rod from the surface in order to monitor the amount of garbage that is accumulated (camera used for cleaning rainwater).
  • Environmental: The chambers whose system is to infiltrate the rainwater, help to recharge the hydric resources of the underground water such as the water tables, replicating the process of soil infiltration itself, which has been affected by the waterproofing of the soils (concreted soils) in big cities.
  • Safety: Because the chambers are underground, ditches exposed to the community are eliminated, reducing the potential risk of possible accidents. These trenches can also be used as an unconventional drainage system for accumulation as lagoons in private enclosures. In addition, the accumulation and / or drainage system prevents the arrival of insects and mosquitoes in said ponds of rain stagnation.
  • Versatility: StormTech® chambers are ideal for storing residential water in; Entrances for vehicles, tennis courts or sports fields, public or private parks, airports, parking lots in shopping centers, green areas, condominiums and / or residential buildings.
  • StormTech® stands out for its: Low Weight, Modular Flexibility, Large Storage Capacity in warehouses, Storage capacity in their offices, Quick installation, Great Structural Strength, Possibility of registration and maintenance, Durability of the system for years, which does not need to be uninstalled for maintenance.

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