Ayrton Senna Highway has Tigre-ADS technology

The installation of the AdvanEdge flat pipe ensures greater efficiency in the surface drainage of the highway.

Tigre-ADS supplied the piping for the installation of the AdvanEdge drainage system in part of the Ayrton Senna highway, in the state of São Paulo. The work, carried out in July at Km 55 of the highway, is part of the road rehabilitation project that had been suffering from the accumulation of water on the road, causing the risk of aquaplaning and cracks in the asphalt surface.

For the implementation of the drainage network, 90 meters of vertical flat tube AdvanEdge Tigre-ADS were used. This solution is ideal for drainage on highways, sports fields, building foundations, retaining walls and landfills, as it has extreme structural resistance and provides fast and effective soil drainage.

Designed to be really a tube, the product meets the ASTM D 7001 standard and consists of a perforated HDPE core, surrounded by a geotextile that acts as a filtering agent. The capacity of this solution to capture and transport water from the soil is far superior to traditional pipes. Compared to a 100mm circular tube, for example, the 300mm AdvanEgde vertical flat drain, of the same length, has more than twice the area of contact with the soil and drains an equal amount of water in less than 60% of the time employee.

In addition, its thin 38mm profile allows it to be installed quickly in a narrow ditch of a maximum of 10 cm. In the work on the Ayrton Senna highway, for example, the project to install the longitudinal drain and recompose the asphalt provided for two days of work. However, due to the ease and speed of installation of the Tigre-ADS solution, the work was completed in just one day, saving labor and freeing up the runway for traffic on the same day.

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