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What is it?

Sanitary landfills are used to store solid waste that man discards. Monitoring this place is extremely important so that there are no risks of contamination of the soil, water and air.

Sanitary landfills must have a leachate and biogas drainage system from the organic matter decomposition process. The implementation of a rainwater collection system aims to prevent contact between garbage and rainwater, which contributes to the control of contamination.

The leachate and biogas drainage is carried out through a network of vertical drains interconnected to horizontal drains, built at the base of the sanitary landfill and, progressively, throughout its operation, until the end of its useful life. The implementation of this system guarantees the collection and conduction of the liquid resulting from the percolation -with the aim of reducing the internal pressures in the massif, coming from the generation of biogas-, as well as directing the leachate effluent to the proper place of treatment.

Tigre ADS manufactures solutions in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene, HDPE) that make up the drainage systems of sanitary landfills and guarantee more efficiency in the conduction of fluids, preventing them from coming into contact with the ground.

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DrenPro Infra and DrenPro HD

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