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What is it?

The port sector is receiving a lot of investment and maritime transport is essential for the development of the country. The port area receives all kinds of goods and equipment with movement of heavy loads. Therefore, a good infrastructure is necessary to reduce logistics costs, improve operational efficiency and increase export competitiveness.

Drainage of yards and cargo moving areas is essential to ensure safe loading and unloading. Tigre ADS water management solutions are the most suitable to support the movement of heavy loads such as containers, because, in addition to easy installation with lower costs, the high structural resistance of the pipe + soil system allows installation with less coatings than necessary for other technologies.

Related products

Products feasible for use in this type of application are DrenPro Infra, DrenPro One, StormTech, Water Quality Unit (UCA), HDPE Shaped Chambers, among others.


DrenPro Infra and DrenPro HD


DrenPro One

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