Tigre-ADS tubes are deployed in a new leisure area in Sete Lagoas

The use of HDPE corrugated tubing reduces working time by three months and generates savings of 20% in the drainage and environmental rehabilitation project of the old Canaan cave.

Tigre-ADS participated, in 2016, in an important infrastructure project in the city of Sete Lagoas, in Minas Gerais: the revitalization of the old grotto in the Canaan neighborhood.

The place, previously unhealthy and degraded by anthropic action and the accumulation of garbage and sewage, has become a new space for living and leisure in the city.

Named the mall Maria Dalva Dias de Vasconcelos Costa, the linear socio-environmental park gained an exclusive lane for pedestrians and cyclists, traffic signs, public lighting, landscaping and gym equipment.

The works, which started in April 2015, included the environmental and sanitary rehabilitation of the land with the implementation of a sewage collection network and an extensive drainage network to drain rainwater, connecting Avenida Perimetral to Rua Santa Bárbara. The engineering project is signed by Conepp Consultoria Ltda.

Advantages of using HDPE corrugated tubes

To implement the rain drainage network, 1,560 meters of corrugated HDPE pipes of the DrenPro® Tigre-ADS line of 1,500 mm and 375 mm were used.

According to the technical team responsible for preparing the project and commanded by engineer Fabiola Batista Pires, technical director of Conepp, the use of Tigre-ADS HDPE corrugated tubes brought numerous technical and economic advantages to the project, compared to the use of concrete or cell gallery.

“Starting with the speed. With HDPE we were able to reduce the work time from eight to five months . From an economic point of view, the HDPE pipe had a cost 20% lower than the concrete”, said Fabiola.

Another advantage, pointed out by the engineer and team, is the maior greater hydraulic efficiency guaranteed by Tigre-ADS HDPE piping. “In order to achieve the same flow rate offered by the HDPE 1,500mm pipe, we would have to use 2,000mm concrete tubes. This would lead us to duplicate the movement of earth, generating more expenses and work time”.      

Former grotto is now a leisure space

The work to revitalize the Canaan grotto has great social relevance because, for more than 20 years, the place was just a ditch through which rainwater flowed, causing landslides, proliferation of diseases and hiding of marginals.

For the representative of the Canaan Luiz Island neighborhood, “this project goes far beyond a drainage system and a leisure area. It works directly to dignify our community, bringing effective improvements that we can count on as soon as possible, ”he said, in an interview with the Sete Lagoas News Portal.

Watch the inauguration video the new leisure space in Sete Lagoas.

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