Novacap installs network with Tigre-ADS tubes to solve flooding problems in Brasilia

The choice of DrenPro® tubes took into account product efficiency and material quality.

Corrugated tubes DrenPro® Tigre-ADS were used in the implementation of a new storm drainage network, in the city of Brasília. The solution seeks to solve the constant problems with flooding that occurred on rainy days, in a public parking area, located in block 518, in the Samambaia sector.

The work, carried out between the months of September and October, by Novacap – Companhia Urbanizadora da Nova Capital do Brasil – included the installation of 600 and 750mm tubes and wolf mouths for the capture and transport of rainwater to a gallery (receiver ) with a dimension capable of withstanding the flow.

The drainage network project crosses Avenida Leste, a high-traffic road, and extends to the parking lot and a secondary access street. For the project, 90 meters of 750mm tubes and 80 meters of 600mm tubes were used. In addition, boxes, wolf mouths and grates were built to collect rainwater.

Due to the ease of installation and handling of HDPE tubes, the crossing of Avenida Leste was carried out in less than a day, thus providing less wear to drivers and local businesses.

According to Tigre-ADS’s application engineer, Daniel Meneses Vinhal, the tubes supplied to Novacap meet all technical specifications and guarantees regarding structural strength, life span over 75 years and greater hydraulic efficiency when compared to traditional solutions such as concrete.

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