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Tigre-ADS is a pioneer in the manufacture of Corrugated Pipes and Connections in HDPE. It has a highly qualified team of Application Engineers who accompany and guide them from the specification to the completion of the work, providing great support during the execution of your project.


Project Orientation

Our team contributes to the necessary adjustments with traditional HDPE solutions and assists in the development of complete drainage solutions.


Tigre-ADS professionals can guide construction professionals to correctly install solutions according to technical recommendations, providing consultancy related to products, their applications and specifications. Trainings and their contents specially designed for each audience are offered according to the client's needs.

Pre-Construction Reports

Count on us to verify that the project meets the basic criteria of the facilities in accordance with the established standards and recommendations of Tigre-ADS.

Periodic Visits at Work

Our team analyzes whether the implementation, application, handling and transportation recommendations are being met, ensuring the efficiency of the Tigre-ADS pipes and connections. These visits, when carried out, generate a Report that is delivered to the person in charge of the work.



Tigre-ADS, in addition to manufacturing High Density Polyethylene products and investing in the extension of the drainage and rainwater market, is concerned with the quality of applications and installations of HDPE pipes.

Therefore, it has a team of field engineers specialized in new products, applications and installations to assist, guide and give support to associates, clients, construction companies and engineering companies.

Another differential of Tigre-ADS is the constant concern in training clients and business associates, holding conferences with qualified professionals to present and update information on HDPE products and their various applications and installation methods.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about the Tigre-ADS, or about our product line, than to list below some questions and answers that will clarify you. If you want to know that it is not on the list, do not hesitate to speak to one of our engineers through the contact area.

When the work is finished, a saving of up to 25% of the initial budget can be delivered, in addition Tigre-ADS products have a longer useful life and a great facility in their installation, allowing to reduce the scheduled delivery time compared to other existing systems.

The green line is for identification of the drainage network and the ocher line is for identifying the sewer line.

So that its handling is standard and according to the transport measures, making the most of this resource which, in turn, implies fewer joints and high installation performance.

To provide structural strength, withstanding rough job site handling and extreme crushing without breaking. With a cover 30 centimeters above the tube, it resists the maximum allowable heavy traffic passage in entrances.

Because together with the TIGRE-ADS technology, a durable product is achieved, with high environmental resistance and a long useful life.

Due to its Punta - Bolsa union system, which guarantees 100% tightness and makes it 100% ecological by not contaminating the water table.

To be able to be transported, loaded and installed more quickly.

In order not to degrade with sun exposure (UV rays) and to be able to be stored at a time.

To be chemically inert and have high chemical resistance with its PH spectrum from 1.25 to 14.

Due to its hydraulic efficiency and because it is a smooth pipe on the internal surface, which guarantees a more efficient flow speed, being able to improve inclinations.

To be the only fully certified high-density polyethylene pipe, corrugated on the outside and smooth on the inside, manufactured in Brazil under the most rigorous quality standards established in the USA.

Talk to a salesperson

  • Fernando Matus M.
    Sub Manager Mining Division
    Regions of Arica and Parinacota, Tarapacá, Antofagasta and Atacama
    Phone: 56(2) 24130001
    Cellphone: 56(9) 74020069
    Coverage area: Mining Division, North Zone

    Mayerling Godoy R.
    Business Executive Regions of Coquimbo and Valparaíso
    Phone: 56(2) 24130001
    Cellphone: 56(9) 7794 2807
    Coverage area: North Central Zone

    Valeska Bobadilla S.
    Business Executive Metropolitan Region
    Phone: 56(2) 24130001
    Cellphone: 56(9) 78587824
    Coverage area: Downtown area

    Pilar Veloso C.
    Business Executive O'Higgins and Maule Regions
    Phone: 56(2) 24130001
    Cellphone: 56(9) 82483959
    Coverage area: South Central Zone

  • Leonardo Montero
    KAM Regions of Ñuble and Bio-Bio
    Phone: 56(2) 24130001
    Cellphone: 56(9) 3467 0263
    Coverage area: South Zone

    Patricio Hernández S.
    Business Executive Regions of Araucanía and Los Ríos
    Phone: 56(2) 24130001
    Cellphone: 56(9) 82139259
    Coverage area: South Zone

    Juan Ojeda B.
    Business Executive Los Lagos, Aysén and Magallanes Regions
    Phone: 56(2) 24130001
    Cellphone: 56(9) 86330972
    Coverage area: Southern Zone

  • Fernando E. Seoane
    Commercial Executive
    Phone: (+54 9) 11 3485 4601

  • Hernan J. Morilla
    Commercial Executive
    Phone: (+54 9) 11 3106 5101

  • North, Northeast and Midwest Region

    Adimes Santos
    States in which it operates: PE/PB/RN/TO

    Marcelo Moraes
    States in which it operates: MT/MS/RO/AC/GO/DF

    Airton França
    States in which it operates: CE/PI/MA

    Valnei Vaz
    States in which it operates: BA/SE/AL

    Ricardo Santos
    States in which it operates: PA/RR/AP/AM

  • South and Southeast Region

    Alexandre Bomfim
    States in which it operates: PR/SC/RS

    Matheus Andretta
    States in which it operates: SP

    Eduardo Santos
    States in which it operates: MG

    Juliana Vielman
    States in which it operates: RJ/ES

  • Carlos Villamil
    General Manager Tigre-ADS Colombia
    Phone: +57 312 364 5189

  • Commercial department
    Phone: (51) 977936253


In this area you can request a quote for the Sales Team.
This form is exclusive to Chile.
Here are the contacts for other countries.

  • Argentina

  • Chile

  • Colômbia

  • Peru

  • Northeast Brazil

  • Southeast Brazil


Another differential of Tigre-ADS is the constant concern in training customers and business partners, giving talks with qualified professionals to present and update information on HDPE products and their various applications and installation methods. You can request a technical visit with the Engineering Team, see the contacts:

  • Application engineering and specification

    Jose Carrasco P.
    Tel: 56(2) 24130001
    Móvil: 56(9) 65698487

    David Aguilera Gonzalez
    Tel: 56(2) 24130001
    Móvil: 56(9) 31893598

    Sergio Antonio Gomez Palacios
    Tel: 56(2) 24130001
    Móvil: 56(9) 34670263

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