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What is it?

Although they are relatively new for the railroad industry in Latin America, HDPE solutions are increasingly present in this type of application. HDPE pipes offer excellent structural performance, high durability and also optimize installation time, lower costs and increase safety on site. The resistance of polyethylene withstands abrasive flows, corrosion and chemical attack and protects against leakage currents.

The technology used in Tigre-ADS Pipes was approved by various international organizations, including AREMA - American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association. In addition, Tigre-ADS, through its smaller diameter pipes, 2 ”, 3” and 4 ”, has experience in applications of conduit, instrumentation and telecommunications type pipes, for the passage and protection of cables and connection lines of other equipment related to the operation of railways.

Related products

Products feasible for use in this type of application are DrenPro Infra, DrenPro One, StormTech, Water Quality Unit (UCA), HDPE Shaped Chambers, among others.




DrenPro Infra and DrenPro HD


DrenPro One

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