What is the importance of the executive project in a work?

Mandatory, the executive project can define the success or total failure of an enterprise.

The executive design is the most important part of an engineering work. After all, it is the set of technical information necessary and sufficient for the realization of an enterprise.

A correct and well detailed executive project guarantees the fluidity of the works at the construction sites, avoiding surprises and structural errors that may cause losses or even the embargo of the enterprise.

In addition to following the standards of ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards), the project must list mandatory items such as detailed plans and drawings, structural calculations, technical specifications, quantitative of materials and equipment, budget plans, among other information. It is important to note that this stage is not a new project, but rather the specific details of the constituent stages of the Basic Project.

A well-known case of inconsistency in the executive project was observed in the construction of the Abreu e Lima Refinery. Started in 2006 and with an initial cost estimated at US $ 4 billion, the works had a price tripled over three years, reaching an estimated US $ 12 billion. The valuation would have occurred, according to Petrobras officials, due to “lack of definition” in the basic project, an increase in the prices of equipment and products and the inclusion of new services.

Specialized Support

To assist in the preparation of the executive project, some suppliers, such as Tigre-ADS do Brasil, offer specialized technical support to customers. Manufacturer of corrugated pipes of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) for drainage and sanitation works, the company has a team of engineers who assist customers from the beginning to the end of the work.

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