Use of corrugated HDPE pipes in rainwater drainage networks

Material gains space in civil construction due to its high mechanical resistance and ease of installation.

The urban rain drainage network plays a fundamental role for the proper functioning of cities. Especially in periods of intense rain, the lack of an efficient system prevents the water from draining properly, causing floods and floods that cause damage to properties and risks to the population.

In order to avoid these problems, in addition to the need to educate the population to avoid the disposal of garbage and debris in rivers, streams and culverts, cities need to invest in a drainage system that allows water to flow efficiently.

In Brazil, a new material has been gaining space and the preference of construction professionals for its unique characteristics, such as high resistance to external loads and abrasion, great hydraulic performance and quick and easy installation: high density polyethylene corrugated tubes, called HDPE tubes.

High density polyethylene (HDPE) is the most important and resistant of polyethylene, capable of withstanding high temperatures (up to 60 ° C) and great weights. Due to its durability, the material is used for the manufacture of various products, such as fuel tanks, toys, appliances, among other items that require physical-chemical resistance, such as detergent, chlorine and acid packaging.

Manufactured by Tigre-ADS, the HDPE corrugated tubes have double walls and are corrugated on the outside – which guarantees high structural resistance, allowing their implantation under high-traffic roads, under railways or in ports – and smooth on the interior part – which provides excellent hydraulic performance compared to concrete or steel pipes.

Because they are light (the N-12 tubes are six meters long. In the case of the DN42 inch, the weight is 36 kg / m), the tip-and-pocket union system allows the pipes to be connected only with the use of a bar. iron or backhoe, without the need for many people inside the ditch, thus reducing the effort of the team and the risk of accidents.

Advantages of the TIGRE-ADS Line N-12

Chemically inertPH range from 1.5 to 14PH range from 3 to 12
Hydraulic efficiencyManning = 0,009 a 0,012Manning = 0,013 a 0,017
Lifespan75 years30 years
Weight1200 mm = 40 Kg/m1200 mm = 1360 Kg/m
Installation1200 mm = 24 tubes1200 mm = 144 tubes
Length of tubes6 meter bars1 meter tubes
Amount of amendments144 m = 23 junction points / splices144 m = 143 junction points
Installation time50% faster 

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