Transnordestina Railway receives Tigre-ADS rain drainage system

Corrugated HDPE pipes reduce installation time by 50% and are resistant to high load on the network.

Tigre-ADS was chosen by the construction company Marquise to supply and install 1,626 meters of pipe for rain drainage from Transnordestina, a 1,753 km long railroad that will connect Eliseu Martins, in the Piauí hinterland, to the ports of Pecém, in Ceará, and Suape, in Pernambuco.

The works started in April of this year, on the stretch that connects Missão Velha to Iguatu. Initially, the railroad manholes were made with another raw material, but, even in the first batches, they were replaced by corrugated tubes of high density polyethylene (HDPE) manufactured by Tigre-ADS due to the high productivity of the installation.

“HDPE has the characteristic of being more resistant to external loads and has a useful life much longer than traditional piping systems. In addition, installation is quick and easy, saving time and cost of work, ”explains José Cattani, general manager of Tigre-ADS.

For the railway drainage work, double-walled pipes of the N-12 WT line were used, corrugated on the outside – which guarantees the mechanical resistance of the pipe – and smooth on the inside – which provides excellent hydraulic performance. The material offers practicality in the installation and a point-and-pocket union system – made by fitting – which guarantees the system’s watertightness. Because they are lightweight, Tigre-ADS HDPE tubes also facilitated transportation logistics during the work, reducing the number of trips between the warehouse and the section to be carried out and the loading and unloading time.

Advantages of the TIGRE-ADS Line N-12
Chemically inert PH range from 1.5 to 14PH range from 3 to 12
Hydraulic efficiency Manning = 0,009 a 0,012Manning = 0,013 a 0,017
Lifespan 75 years30 years
Weight 1200 mm = 40 Kg/m1200 mm = 1360 Kg/m
Installation 1200 mm = 24 tubes1200 mm = 144 tubes
Tube Length 6 meter bars1 meter tubes
Amount of Amendments 144 m = 23 junction points / splices144 m = 143 junction points
Installation time 50% faster

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