Tigre-ADS presents, in Pernambuco, the new solutions of the market in the fight against floods

New technologies such as the HDPE corrugated pipe have shown high efficiency and reduced installation costs.

Tigre-ADS was a special guest of Tuesday at CREA / PE – an event promoted by the Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy of Pernambuco – to talk about the challenges faced by municipalities in combating floods and the new technologies used in the construction of networks rainwater.

The speaker was the civil engineer and regional manager of Tigre-ADS, Gabriel Figueiredo Neto. According to him, the flooding problem in Brazil is historical and its root is, in great part, in the way cities were built (on the riverbed), in the high waterproofing of the soils and in the lack of adequate infrastructure for the drainage of water. rainwater.

“As the investment in infrastructure works has a high cost for the municipalities, the federal government approved, in 2015, the decree 8,629, which frees resources from the Union for the municipalities that want to invest in systems to fight floods”, informed Gabriel.

Technology is allied in the fight against flooding

If, on the one hand, the cost of installing rainwater drainage networks is high, on the other hand, technology has been a great ally in allowing the development of more efficient products and with lower installation costs.

One of these technologies presented by the engineer is the corrugated tubes of high density polyethylene. Manufactured in Brazil by Tigre-ADS, they have been gaining space in civil construction and attracting the attention of engineers and industry professionals due to their unique characteristics, such as lightness, high resistance to external loads and abrasion, greater hydraulic performance and quick installation.

“HDPE pipes are 20 times lighter than concrete shackles – traditionally used in the construction of drainage networks – and, due to the ease of installation, they reduce the work time by up to 70%. If we compare the costs with labor, machinery and installation time, replacing concrete with HDPE has become much more advantageous ”, points out Gabriel.

Another advantage is the guarantee of tightness of the system. Unlike concrete, which requires the use of mortar to connect the shackles, the tubes use a point-pouch fitting system with an integrated ring that allows easy fitting without risk of leakage.

See a comparison between the HDPE pipe and other technologies on the market, such as concrete:

Chemically inertPH range from 1.5 to 14PH range from 3 to 12
Hydraulic efficiencyManning = 0,009 a 0,012Manning = 0,013 a 0,017
Lifespan75 years30 years
Weight1200 mm = 40 Kg/m1200 mm = 1.360 Kg/m
Installation1.200 mm = 24 tubos1.200 mm = 144 tubos
Tube Length6 meter bars1 meter tubes
Amount of Amendments144 m = 23 junction points / splices144 m = 143 junction points
Installation time70% mais rápido

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