Tigre-ADS is featured in the Brasil Mineral Magazine

Brazil’s leading mining sector magazine covers Tigre-ADS technology and investment to serve the market.

Tigre-ADS technology was featured in the January / February edition of Brasil Mineral Magazine, a leading and respected publication in the mining sector. In an exclusive interview, the general manager of Tigre-ADS in Brazil, José Cattani Xavier, revealed the growth potential of HDPE corrugated tubes in the mining sector and the company’s investments in research and technology.

Follow the main excerpts of the report:

Tigre-ADS wants to grow in mining

The technology of corrugated tubes in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), manufactured by Tigre-ADS, begins to gain strength in the mining segment in Brazil and expands its participation in the sanitation and infrastructure market. The high structural resistance solution allows greater drainage flow and efficiency in the conduction of groundwater, guarantees total sealing, easy installation and has been consolidating itself as an alternative to traditional materials, according to José Cattani Xavier, general manager of the company.

Believing in the potential of the Brazilian market, Tigre-ADS made a major investment in molds in 2014. “The work followed not only the standard, but what ADS considers as a basic principle of performance. Several studies were carried out and an American design company, specializing in finite drawings, was hired, all to present the market with a top of the line product within the corrugated pipe segment, ”says Cattani.

To guarantee the mechanical resistance of HDPE corrugated tubes, ADS has a Research and Studies Center in the United States. In another center, for Raw Material Reprocessing, the company collects, recycles and reuses recycled HDPE raw material for the manufacture of tubes. In Brazil, the company uses the engineering, construction and factory philosophy part of ADS and the Tigre brand to open the market doors in the most diverse segments. As a result, Cattani lists several road works, soccer fields built to host the games of the World Cup and the Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro.

Tigre-ADS corrugated tubes are used in rainwater drainage and sanitary sewage, since HDPE is a material inert to any chemical agent. Good mechanical and chemical resistance are characteristic of the raw material itself, even using recycled material. And the projected resistance contemplates use from 75 to 100 years. They are also indicated for ore treatment plants that use acids in their process. In Chile, where mining uses the leaching technique on a large scale, the application of corrugated pipe has been widely used.

In Brazil, orders from the mining sector correspond to between 5% and 10% of the company’s revenue. The main market is rainwater drainage, followed by sewage, which also shows signs of growth.

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