Tigre-ADS in drainage work around the viaduct in the capital of Mato Grosso

A new and larger water drainage system ended flooding during periods of heavy rain

Cuiabá (MT) – The constant flooding around the viaduct of the Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT) in the rainy periods is now a thing of the past. Earlier this year, the drainage work on Avenida Fernando Corrêa da Costa and Jardim das Américas was completed, carried out with corrugated tubes of high density polyethylene (HDPE) Tigre-ADS.

The project contracted and executed by the State Secretariat of Cities (Secid) required the installation of 1,500 meters of pipes in HDPE Tigre-ADS. The work began in September 2017 with the clearing of structures and the expansion of drainage pipes in the region of the viaduct.

The challenge was to end the occurrence of flooding on Avenida Fernando Corrêa da Costa, a structural route of the road system in the capital of Mato Grosso. The avenue traverses a region of high population density and an intense flow of vehicles that gives access to the university and to shopping malls and supermarkets.

“We had a great challenge to be overcome there”, said the engineer responsible for the execution of the work, Maurício Antônio Gilioli. The inefficiency of the drainage devices that existed until then generated other disorders in a “cascade effect”, such as congestion and damage to the population’s patrimony.

End of flooding

To provide a quick response to the claim of the municipal executive regarding the solution to the problem with economy and efficiency, Secid sought Tigre-ADS technology, which also met the specifications of the bidding process. “The high mechanical and chemical resistance, as well as the resistance to abrasion and corrosion, influenced the choice of HDPE Tigre-ADS tubes”, said Gilioli.

Other advantages besides technical performance, such as ease and practicality of laying, speed of execution and durability of the material, also counted points.

As the polyethylene pipe is light and easy to use, installation is at least twice as fast as that of the concrete pipe, requiring less labor and hours of machinery. Durability was another major factor: the service life of corrugated HDPE Tigre-ADS tubes is 75 years.

In addition to meeting the main international quality standards, HDPE pipes also comply with NBR ISO 21138-3 (plastic pipe systems for drainage and non-pressurized underground sewage and pipe systems with structured polyethylene walls – PE). “It was a priority work for the state government. After the end, there were several rainy events with high rainfall intensity, and no flooding was recorded. The execution is working perfectly, it met the expectations of the client and the entire population ”, guarantees Gilioli.

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