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About the product

Tigre-ADS Water Quality units are designed and manufactured to meet the specifications of ASTM F2737 for the Quality of High Density Corrugated Polyethylene (HDPE) of Water Units.

The UQAs were developed for the collection and separation of particles of earth, sand, leaves, papers, oils and any element that can be dragged gravitationally to the water collectors during the first flow of rain, avoiding the transport of solids and contaminants to the collectors.

The AAU has an access at the top whose function is to facilitate maintenance and cleaning work, ensuring continuity of operation over time. A by-pass system is installed to avoid water flows higher than the first discharge of the resuspension of the captured polluting particles.

Standard length available 6 or 12 meters.

Application: Removal system for both total suspended solids (SST), as well as oil and hydrocarbons in airports, railway parks, commercial parks, municipalities, condominiums, etc.

Technical information

The unit was designed using the fundamental principles of Stokes' Law and a standard orifice outlet control. The rate of sedimentation of a particle is calculated based on the smallest particle to be removed. Standard units offer a choice of 140 or 200 sieve size removal (particle sizes of 106μ and 75μ, respectively).

The outlet orifice is sized to release a typical first rinse discharge and redirect any excess flow to a bypass piping system installed with the unit. All Tigre-ADS Water Quality Units were designed and manufactured to meet the specifications of the ASTM F2737 Standard for High Density Corrugated Polyethylene (HDPE) Water Quality Units. The installation of the Water Quality Units follows the same practices accepted for the installation of large diameter flexible tubes.

Table dimensions: 900 mm, 1050 mm, 1200 mm and 1500 mm in length of 6 or 12 meters.




General Catalog – Tigre-ADS product line

1.03 – Technical Data for WQA (Water Quality Unit)

1.04 – Laboratory test of the scale model for water quality units (WQU)

2.02A – Recommendations for maintaining water quality units (WQU)

4.01 – Chemical resistance of polyethylene and elastometer

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