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Innovative and economical, Stormtech chambers represent one of the most revolutionary solutions in the world for the management and control of rainwater. This product is manufactured with 100% polypropylene (PP), and in accordance with what is established in the current standards ASTM F2787 and NCh 3352.

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Why use StormTech® cameras?

The chambers bring a new level of practicality and efficiency to underground rainwater installations, providing a much more economical solution for stormwater management, since their installation requirements are easy and fast. The StormTech® camera system allows part of the retained water to infiltrate the soil and replenish aquifers and another part to be released in a controlled manner into the public network. In addition to separating the sediment from the first 20 minutes of rain due to its isolation line for solids and contaminants, allowing for better maintenance and cleaning of the system.

StormTech® cameras can be neatly stacked and stacked for more efficient transport and storage, requiring no extra space. In addition, StormTech® chambers do not require heavy machinery for their installation, they demand less depth of ditches, reduce the time of execution and final costs of their implantation.

Designed in a structured profile with an elliptical and continuous area, they have high resistance, guaranteeing an excellent performance throughout their useful life.

For the installation of a system with StormTech © chambers, excavated area, gravel, Tigre-ADS tubes are required for their connections (manifold), filtering fabric, such as geotextile fabric and / or high density polyethylene geomembranes (depending on the system to be installed). The system may (optionally) have an inspection access in the chamber (s) that are surrounded by a geotextile. This access facilitates the introduction of a surface rod to monitor the amount of waste that accumulates (chamber used to retain solids and contaminants to clean rainwater).

StormTech stands out for its low weight, modular flexibility, large storage capacity, quick installation, structural resistance, possibility of maintenance and durability of the system.


  • Installation: Low weight and high execution speed result in reduced installation costs. The high structural strength allows installations at shallower depths and, as it is modular, it is easier to adapt to the available areas, bringing even more benefits with regard to the reduction of indirect costs in the implementation of the project. In addition to ensuring a longer service life.
  • Environmental: The chambers whose system is to infiltrate rainwater, help to recharge the water resources of groundwater, replicating the process of soil infiltration, which has been affected by the waterproofing of soils in large cities.
  • Safety: As the chambers are underground, ditches exposed to the community are eliminated, reducing the risk of possible accidents. These trenches can also be used as an unconventional drainage system for accumulation, such as ponds in private enclosures. In addition, the underground system of accumulation and / or drainage reduces the proliferation of insects and mosquitoes.
  • Versatility: StormTech® cameras are ideal for underground installations in various types of situations: vehicle access and maneuver areas, tennis courts or sports courts, public or private parks, airports, parking lots, shopping centers, green areas, condominiums and / or residential buildings.

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