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About the product

Tigre-ADS SaniPro® tubes were developed for application in sanitary. Their design includes a tip-pouch connection system that allows an easy and quick mechanical connection, thanks to the use of sealing rings whose purpose is to guarantee the tightness in the connection. In the larger diameters, the bag has two ceramic straps allowing greater rigidity in the union. It is subjected to all laboratory tests required by the ABNT NBR ISO 21138-1, ISO NBR ISO 21138-3 and e ASTM F2947 standards.

This tubes are different from the products available on the market in the following aspects:

  • Greater rigidity;
  • Greater internal wall thickness;
  • Longer useful life due to the quality of its raw material;
  • 100% airtight in its union;
  • Low weight.

Technical information

Available in diameters of: Linha SaniPro - 450mm a 1500mm e SaniPro ISO - 400mm a 1200mm;

Standard length: 6.0 meters;

Applications: sanitary sewage;

Reference Standards: ABNT NBR ISO 21138-1, ISO NBR ISO 21138-3 and e ASTM F2947.

SaniPro® tubes offer unsurpassed joint integrity, with built-in bags and quick installation, the result of research with the most advanced technologies in the world for the solution of Sanitation Systems.




General Catalog – Tigre-ADS product line

4.01 – Chemical resistance of polyethylene and elastometer

5.01 – Recommendations for using shoring for ditch

5.05 – Methods for preventing fluctuation of Tigre-ADS tubes

3.107D – Technical Data for Sanipro ISO tubes

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