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About the product

DrenPro® Tigre-ADS tubes have an enlarged pouch and a tapered tip, which allows for quick and easy installation and provides 100% airtightness.

In accordance with the ASTM F477 / EN 681 standard installed by the factory at the tip, increasing the sealing force with increases in hydrostatic pressure. The design meets or exceeds ASTM D3212 / EN 1277 laboratory tests and the ASTM F1417 impermeability field testing requirements, playing an important role in complying with the most stringent environmental requirements in the handling of water-based fluids.

The DrenPro HDI line is a high density polyethylene corrugated pipe with a smooth interior for airtight gravitational conduction applications, with nominal diameters from 100 mm to 1500 mm. In accordance with DNIT 094/2014, these tubes are manufactured with a completely circular section, smooth inner wall and annular external corrugations. In addition, complying with ISO 12091 and ISO 3127, they are resistant to heat and impact.

Technical information

Available in diameters of: 100 mm to 1500 mm - with or without perforations;

Standard Length: 6.0 Meters;

Applications: Rainwater Drainage, Retention / Detention, Highways, Airports, Railways, Ports, Mining, Sanitary Landfills, Forestry and Canalization;

Reference Standards: DNIT-094/2014-EM, AASHTO M252, M294 e ASTM F2306 e ASTM F2648.




General Catalog – Tigre-ADS product line

1.01 – Perforation standards for Denpro corrugated tubes

4.01 – Chemical resistance of polyethylene and elastometer

5.01 – Recommendations for using shoring for ditch

5.02 – Ground cement reaterro for pead corrugated pipe

5.03 – Repair recommendations for HDPE corrugated tubes

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