Havan’s work has an innovative Stormtech system

Stormtech Tigre-ADS, an innovative rainwater retention and retention system is installed in a new Havan megastore in Osasco.

With more than 100 stores spread across the country, Havan, one of the largest department store chains in Brazil, designs another mega store in the State of São Paulo, in the city of Osasco, alongside the marginal Tietê and Pinheiros, which are scheduled to open in the first half of 2021.

In an area of 22,000 m² where the store will occupy an area of 20,000 m², there was a great challenge for the development of the rainwater retention and detention system and in order to comply with the guidelines of the Swimming Pools law. The initial project foresaw 10 masonry wells 7 meters deep, with slow and complex construction, since this type of project foresees a deeper excavation. To optimize the schedule, the Project Manager researched practical and effective solutions available on the market, and when faced with options, he became interested in the Stormtechdetention and detention system.

Innovative and economical, Stormtech chambers are one of the most revolutionary rainwater management and control products in the world. Designed to be used under parking lots, roads, playgrounds, etc., Stormtech cameras allow for greater and better exploration of the available areas of the developments.

Tigre-ADS, through its technical department, collaborated with data and calculations of changes to the original project, which initially would use concrete and started using the Stormtech MC3500 line chambers and plugs. The choice of the Stormtech retention and detention system occurred due to the restricted installation area, in addition to being close to a river (Tietê), where the water table is not very deep. Excavations for the use of prior technology required a depth of 7m. With the Stormtech, the excavation was only 3.5m. The system with Stormtech chambers allows part of the retained water to infiltrate the soil and replenish the groundwater and the other part to be launched in a controlled manner in the public network. In addition, it separates the sediments from the first 20 minutes of rain, allowing for better maintenance and cleaning of the system. Injection molded, with uniform, high-quality wall thickness, it guarantees high structural strength for long-term dynamic and static loads.

According to Engineer Herbert, responsible for the work, “the main benefits offered by the retention and detention system with Stormtech chambers, would be their ability to adapt in reduced spaces, easy and efficient installation, reduction of manpower and equipment, optimization of freight, due to stacked transport, and an imminent decrease in accident risks. The system was installed quickly and safely, and shortly after its installation it received large volumes of rain, when its efficiency was observed ”.

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