HDPE Corrugated Pipe brings gains to industrialized construction

Innovative solution in Brazil, HDPE tubes are quick to install and require less labor.

Industrialized construction arrived to modernize civil construction in Brazil and already occupies a good space in large works, mainly in those whose execution time is a determining factor. With the growth of the sector, new technologies have emerged in Brazil as allies in the gain of productivity and reduction of waste in construction sites, such as Corrugated Tubes in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

Already used on a large scale in Europe and the United States, HDPE piping has been consolidated in the country due to the countless economic and productivity advantages in drainage and sanitation works, proving to be an important alternative to traditional concrete, PVC or metallic corrugated pipes.

According to engineer Eduardo Reis, product and application manager for Tigre-ADS – one of the largest HDPE corrugated pipe manufacturers in Latin America – “the solution is 30 times lighter than concrete and, therefore, easy to handle at the construction site. The installation also requires less labor and machinery, reducing the risk of accidents and making the work time up to 50% faster compared to traditional methods ”, he explains.

Another important feature of this innovative solution is the way in which the parts are connected. Unlike concrete shackles, which need grouting, HDPE tubes have an exclusive joint system formed by an enlarged bag and a conical tip, which allows connecting the parts with ease. “The installation also requires fewer joints, as the tubes are manufactured in 6-meter bars, while the concrete shackles are 1.5 m,” points out Reis.

Prepared to serve industrialized construction with large-scale manufacturing, Tigre-ADS offers the market a wide range of products in different dimensions that comply with international and national standards, such as ABNT NBR ISO 21138-3. Thus, the company has worked on infrastructure works across the country, including ports, airports, railways, highways, landfills, residential and industrial condominiums.

For José Cattani, general manager of Tigre-ADS, “in a scenario of cost optimization, HDPE tubes are the ideal alternative for those looking for highly efficient processes, more agile and sustainable works”.

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