Fortaleza City Hall uses HDPE Tigre-ADS tubes to drain the new Aguanambi avenue

Avenue considered one of the main ones in Fortaleza will be revitalized.

Tigre-ADS High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes were chosen by the City of Fortaleza for the implementation of the new drainage network on Avenida Aguanambi. The work is part of the requalification project of the BR 116 / Aguanambi corridor, in a stretch that extends from Avenida Domingos Olímpio to the viaduct of Avenida Borges de Melo.

For the construction of the drainage network, 2,442 meters of tubes from the DrenPro® HD line will be used, with dimensions 600, 750 and 1,050 mm. In addition to a service life of more than 50 years, HDPE Tigre-ADS tubes have a smooth interior, which guarantees greater hydraulic efficiency, and a corrugated exterior, which increases the structural strength of the tube.

According to the engineer from the City of Fortaleza, Francisco Assis Bezerra, the qualities of HDPE make the use of this solution much more advantageous than that of concrete. For this reason, engineers have joined the HDPE in infrastructure works in the city. “A cultural change was necessary, but today, HDPE is already the most used material. In addition to being lighter than concrete, it is quicker to install, does not require grouting and is more durable ”, he explains.

For Assis, the use of concrete for drainage and sanitation works is “that cheap that is expensive”. “The installation takes much longer and the costs for maintenance and recovery of the pavement are much higher. HDPE, on the other hand, is the expensive one that costs cheap ”, he jokes.

Revitalization improves urban mobility in Fortaleza

Considered one of the main accesses of the city, Avenida Aguanambi receives about 58 thousand vehicles per day and 34 bus lines. To improve urban mobility, the project includes the construction of three lanes for vehicles and an exclusive one for buses, which will be located on the left, next to the central construction site, where the new BRT (articulated bus) stations will also be installed. On the right, bike paths will be implanted next to the sidewalks, which will receive a landscape design with planting of trees and shrubs, shading the entire walk. In addition to these interventions, the project includes the construction of draining sidewalks, known as “green sidewalks”, to capture rainwater.

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