Executive drainage project proves advantages of Tigre-ADS HDPE pipes

Project made a comparative study between Tigre-ADS tubes and concrete tubes.

A project carried out by the company KF2 Engenharia e Consultoria, from São Paulo, proved the advantages of using corrugated tubes of High Density Polyethylene Tigre-ADS HDPEin the implementation of a storm drainage network. The analysis drew a technical-economic comparison of the material with the concrete pipes, a solution traditionally used in Brazil.

In order to carry out the research, the engineers designed a rainwater drainage network on Rua Joaquim Odorico Teixeira, in Jardim São Luiz, in the south of São Paulo. The choice of the site took into account the history of flooding in the region and the possibility that the two solutions (HDPE x concrete) perform fairly efficiently.

Greater speed and economy of HDPE

According to the survey, signed by engineer Fausto Batista, in the vast majority of the observed issues, the use of HDPE pipes from Tigre-ADS showed an advantage over the use of concrete.

“Tigre-ADS ‘solution presents hydraulic conditions that guarantee optimizations in the networks, as well as several execution facilities, as it is lighter and easier to transport, has the possibility of laying in smaller trenches, smaller coverings, etc.”, says report.

In relation to the cost of the work, for example, the project budget for HDPE tubes was 5.92% less than for concrete. In technical terms, the roughness of the HDPE pipe showed greater hydraulic efficiency, allowing, in some cases, the reduction of the diameter to be used, in comparison to the concrete pipes.

Ease of transport and settlement speed were also pointed out as positive factors, contributing to a quick execution, avoiding the inconveniences inherent to a work in the road system.

As the Tigre-ADS tubing can be laid with lesser coverings, it provides greater savings in soil movement (excavation, loading, transportation to the dump, backfill) and in the use of the machinery involved. As a result, mechanical excavation requires 135 trips and 6 trucks less than concrete to remove materials and waste.

Flood reduction program

The study by KF2 Engenharia is an integral part of the “Flood Reduction Program – PRA 2 – Lot 3”, developed by the Secretariat of Urban Infrastructure and Works of the municipality of São Paulo. The plan aims to minimize flooding in several critical points in the city, mainly due to the absence of networks of rainwater galleries and the insufficiency of existing systems.

To access the full survey report, access the link.

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