Emergency work on the Paulista Railway uses HDPE Tigre-ADS tubes

In just 12 hours, the reconstruction work on the drainage network was completed and the railway could be cleared for cargo traffic.

Tigre-ADS was contracted, in early May, for an emergency work to rebuild part of the drainage network of the Paulista railway network, around Araraquara, in the state of São Paulo. The railway is one of the main transport routes for grains and fuels in the region.

According to Rumo, manager of the railway, the intense rain caused the rupture of the concrete culverts that used to drain the water under the railway line, built between the 1960s and 1970s. As a result, the railroad had to be partially closed for wagon traffic.

“The paralysis, even partial, of the railroad generates a great financial impact. We chose to use Tigre-ADS HDPE tubes to repair the network because it is a material with high structural strength and quick installation ”, explained Rumo engineer Ederson Costa.

According to the engineer, it took 12 hours to rebuild the drainage network and clear the railway. The old concrete tubes were replaced by the Tigre-ADS DrenPro® Infra line with a diameter of 1,500 mm. This material offers excellent structural performance and high durability, in addition to optimizing installation time, lowering construction costs and increasing safety. The resistance of polyethylene supports abrasive fluxes, corrosion and chemical attack and protects against leakage currents. The technology used in Tigre-ADS Tubes is approved by several international organizations, including AREMA – American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association.

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