Corrugated HDPE pipes show high efficiency in agricultural drainage

The use of geotextile and corrugated HDPE piping is one of the most effective and increasingly implemented solutions in agriculture.

Agricultural drainage is a process of removing excess water from the soil so that it provides conditions for aeration, structure and resistance. Whenever the natural drainage of the land is not satisfactory, artificial drainage can be used as a complement.

The objective is to remove excess water, controlling the elevation of the water table, allowing the leaching of salts brought in irrigation waters and avoiding salinization. The 5 main benefits of drainage are:

1 – the incorporation of new agricultural areas;
2 – increase in agricultural productivity;
3 – check the salinity;
4 – recovery of only saline and / or alkaline;
5 – sanitation of flooded areas.

What is the best drainage method?

The choice of the best drainage method depends on the type of soil and rainfall. The most common are open drains and covered drains.

Open drains can be shallow or deep. The shallows are ditches used to remove water from the surface. The deep ones are responsible for removing excess water from the subsoil. They need to be deep enough to bring the water down to the desired level. This type of drain is the cheapest, however, it makes the use of machinery more difficult and requires a lot of maintenance.

Covered drains, on the other hand, use perforated tubes buried in groundwater and covered with a permeable landfill. In the past, they were made of clay or concrete, but modern systems already use high-strength plastic materials such as HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).

The use of geotextile and corrugated datubulation HDPE is one of the most effective and increasingly implemented solutions in agriculture. This technique is used in both large and small works and consists of using a drainage system consisting of the geotextile blanket, which acts as a filtering element for water, and the HDPE drain pipe, which serves to conduct excess water to the outside.

Although more expensive, pipe drainage does not take up space on the surface and requires less maintenance. In addition, HDPE is a chemically inert material and does not contaminate soil or groundwater. Widely used in the United States and Europe, this solution has been replacing traditional materials such as concrete and PVC with great efficiency.

Tigre-ADS – the largest HDPE corrugated pipe manufacturer in Latin America – has complete solutions for rainwater drainage, sanitation, irrigation and water retention and retention networks.

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