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The rainwater drainage system is designed for the runoff of rainwater in urban or rural areas. A well-designed and adequate drainage system generates a series of benefits for the environment and the population in general, avoiding floods, floods, disease proliferation, landslides and various environmental and social damages.

The use of corrugated HDPE pipes in drainage systems is advancing rapidly in Brazil due mainly to 4 important factors:

  1. Due to the lower weight and the tip / bag coupling, the movement and installation of HDPE corrugated tubes is much faster and cheaper;
  2. HDPE tubes have high chemical resistance and are not corroded by rainwater contamination by sewage, chemicals, etc;
  3. The smooth internal HDPE surface has greater hydraulic efficiency, allowing for projects with smaller slopes and less deep installation, further reducing installation costs;
  4. The tip / bag system with a sealing ring guarantees the tightness of the drainage system, preventing damage and sinking when paving streets and avenues.

Tigre ADS rain drainage solutions provide quick and easy application, guarantee watertightness, greater durability / useful life.

The DRENPRO® HD / HDI drainage line complies with the specifications of the DNIT 094/2014 EM standard and the pipes are subjected to rigorous tests in our laboratories.

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