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About the product

Products made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) under the most important international standards in the industry. Its double wall design; smooth on the inside and corrugated on the outside, allow them to obtain a great hydraulic performance.

Among its main characteristics are good structural performance, great hydraulic capacity, very low weight when installing, great resistance to abrasion and high resistance to corrosion, among some.

DrenPro Infra®: It is manufactured under the standards: AASHTO M 252, AASHTO M 294, ASTM F2306, NB1216023, NTC 5447 y NTN NP 1708316 can be recognized by having one or two blue ceramic bands on your hood, providing greater resistance to elastomerics at the time of installation.

DrenPro HD®: Product manufactured under the ASTM F2648 standard, and we can identify it by having one or two green ceramic bands in its hood.

DrenPro® pipes, when they do not have a bell and spigot, can be identified by having a blue line or a green line, replacing the differentiating element of the ceramic bands respectively.

Typical product features:

  • Product can be supplied with or without perforations.
  • Its standard length is 6 meters.
  • Their diameters are from 75 to 1500 mm.

If you need more information, download our corrugated pipe catalog on this site or consult our commercial technical team, who will support you and solve all your doubts and concerns.

Technical informations

Available in diameters: 100 mm to 1500 mm - with or without perforations

Standard length: 6.0 meters;

Applications: stormwater drainage, retention / detention, roads, airports, railways, ports, mining, landfills, forestry and canalization;

Reference standards: AASHTO M252 and M294, ASTM F2306, ASTM F2648 and DNIT-094/2014-EM.

Tabla DrenPro

(*) Rigidity according to AASHTO M 294 standard tests


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