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What is it?

The rainwater collection system is designed to collect rainwater in urban and / or rural areas. A well-designed collector system generates a series of benefits to the environment and the population in general, since it avoids floods, overflows, proliferation of diseases, landslides and various environmental and social damages.

Features and benefits of DrenPro Infra® for rainwater installations

The use of corrugated HDPE pipes in collector systems is now widespread practically throughout Latin America, mainly due to 6 important factors:

  1. Due to the low weight of the pipes and the spigot-bell joint system, which is much faster and cheaper, since much less energy is required to move and install them.
  2. HDPE pipes have high chemical resistance and do not suffer corrosion due to the contamination of rainwater with chemicals or other agents that may be present. They also have high resistance to abrasion, which gives them an unmatched performance against the passage of abrasive flows such as sand or drag flows of mountain origin.
  3. The smooth internal surface of the pipes has high hydraulic efficiency, which allows projects with lower slopes and shallower installation, further reducing installation costs;
  4. The spike-bell union system with a sealing ring guarantees the tightness of the system, which allows to avoid damage and subsidence in streets and avenues due to unwanted and uncontrolled leaks.
  5. The mechanical properties of the structural corrugated profile are highly efficient, since the Tigre-ADS pipes only need a minimum burial under the road to be able to withstand the passage of high tonnage road trucks (H20-44 and HS25). In addition, they can be buried at great depths according to the requirements of the project. Check with your local supplier for minimum and maximum burial heights.
  6. The joining systems developed by Tigre-ADS also allow the HDPE pipes to be joined to concrete chambers, to special pieces of steel, PVC or other materials. Check with your local dealer for solutions available in your region.

Tigre ADS rainwater harvesting applications provide solutions that are easy and quick to implement, with guaranteed watertightness and great durability and useful life.

The DRENPRO® INFRA and HD rainwater collection and conduction line comply with the specifications of the AASHTO Manual M252 and M294 and with the product standards ASTM F2306 and ASTM F2648. All our products are subjected to rigorous tests and trials in our laboratories, which are continuously audited by external certification companies.

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