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What is it?

The DrenPro line from Tigre ADS is a HDPE solution indicated for this type of application, which guarantees quality, ease of transport for areas of difficult access, sealing and efficiency on site.

The purpose of the canalization is to give a defined geometric shape to the watercourse, reducing eventual losses in relation to open systems. It provides irrigation in agricultural sectors and meets the needs of farmers in areas with little chance of rainfall.

The replacement of open channels, trapezoidal type, by buried pipes brings many advantages such as: it reduces maintenance costs due to plugging by sedimentation and growth of aquatic plants, it reduces losses due to evaporation and infiltration, increases the geometric stability of the channels, reduces the risk of contamination of the same and reduces the feasibility of water theft, which allows expanding the cultivation area by improving the efficiency and use of the water.

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Productos factibles de uso en este tipo de aplicaciones son DrenPro Infra, DrenPro HD, cámaras conformadas PEAD, entre otros.


DrenPro Infra and DrenPro HD

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