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For application in mining systems, it is necessary for the products to undergo rigorous structural resistance tests due to the high loads to which they will be subjected. A suitable system allows better hydraulic efficiency and more resistance to abrasion and aggressive chemical media for the conduction and collection of groundwater or abrasive residues from the mining process.

Tigre-ADS solutions can be applied in the processes of Leaching, Aeration, Sedimentation Wells and Conduction of Chemical Solutions. For those applications, DrenPro Infra - Accessories pipes should be used.

Tigre-ADS has vast experience in this type of application, making DrenPro Infra, DrenPro HD, DrenPro and DrenPro One and LandFill pipes available to customers, which have a particular application according to the type of project and the particular requirements of each Client.

On the other hand, Tigre-ADS also makes available to the market and its Clients, a special and specific kind of pipe for mining heap Leaching and Aeration projects, which are manufactured by ASTM F2986 and ASTM F2987 standards. Check with your local supplier for product availability.

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