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What is it?

Agricultural drainage consists of removing excess water from humid or flooded agricultural lands, in order to improve the productivity and quality of agricultural activity.

Characteristics and advantages of Agricultural Drainage

Un buen y adecuado drenaje agrícola genera muchas ventajas, tales como:

  1. Increased productivity (better aeration, better microbial activity, better nitrogen and phosphorus fixation);
  2. Improves the support capacity of the soil, as wet soils impair the traffic and operation of the machines;
  3. Reduction of the risks of salinity, because it reduces the levels of salts in the soil;
  4. Recovery of saline soils and sanitation of the areas;

Products feasible for use in this type of application are DrenPro Infra, DrenPro HD, DrenPro One, Advanedge, HDPE Shaped Chambers, among others. Both double wall and single wall pipes can be used, with and without perforations.

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